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The Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads

The Stagecoach Bar:
An American Crossroads
Its Own Brand of Community

Over the years, the lines between cultures, classes and generations have blurred as long-time locals and newcomers have gathered at “The Coach” to relax, tell stories, enjoy music and dance.  As the film will demonstrate, a strong sense of community has emerged from their interactions.

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The Stagecoach Bar wins awards!

Boston, here we come!

Lodging Tax Jackson HoleThanks to financial support from the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Joint Powers Board, I will attend American Public Television’s Fall Marketplace in Boston from November 13-16.  I’ll promote "The Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads," to 250 public television programmers from around the nation.  For updates during the event, visit us on Facebook:

AbelCine Grant Update

Well, you kept a good thought, but we weren't selected for the AbelCine Grant.  Congrats to the winners and thanks, again, to YOU for getting us into the juried round.



Wyoming Short Film Contest
Highway 22 Revisited
WINNER! 2011 Wyoming Short Film Contest
( Total run time 7:43 minutes )

I entered this into the 2011 Wyoming Short Film Contest and won! Thank you to all who voted for my short film to get it into the juried round and to the judges who chose my film out of the top 10. "Highway 22 Revisited" was featured at the Cheyenne International Film Festival.

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